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The increasing popularity of alternative medicine has led to changes in the customary way people treat their ailments. There are now a growing number of people who are no longer satisfied with the over-the-counter drugs and pills that are commonly available in their local drugstores. They found that alternative medicine and dietary supplements are better in improving their health. Some who needs specific substances for their specific health conditions have found it necessary to make their own supplements containing the nutrients that they need. This situation brought about the need for filling machines, otherwise known as capsule fillers.

With capsule fillers, it is possible to make your own dietary supplements containing the substances that you specifically need. These are the same machines that big pharmaceutical companies use in making their capsules. They are relatively simple machines that can be operated easily. If you will make your own dietary capsules, you will be able to get the substances that you really need and you will also be able to produce them at lower costs. Most vitamin supplements that you buy from health stores have advertising, marketing, shipping and storage costs added to them. You will not be saddled with these costs anymore.

capsule fillers What Exactly Are Capsule Fillers?
Capsule fillers are the equipments used in filling capsules with liquid or powdered substances. With modern man’s dependency on medicinal treatments and dietary supplements, these machines became very important in the production of a wide array of chemical substances and supplements in capsule forms. Hard gelatin and vegetarian capsules are filled with the exact quantities of powder, liquid, gelatin, pellets and even small tablets using these machines. Most of these machines, especially those used in pharmaceutical companies conform to the GMP guidelines. 

Who Can Benefit From These Machines?
There are three basic types of people who can benefit from using capsule fillers.

• The entrepreneurs or businessmen who own big pharmaceutical companies are the biggest users of these machines.
• The small-business owner who operates a home-based commercial health supply store
• The individual who needs to have his own formulation of supplements, or those who want to produce their supplements at lower costs.

Types Of Capsule Fillers
Owing to the needs of the market, capsule fillers are available in two basic set-ups: the professional and the small-scale or personal. The most expensive filling machines are the professional or commercial set-ups because they are large and are equipped with all the contraptions and controls necessary to produce gel caps in large quantities. The small-scale capsule fillers can be operated by just one person where there is no need of complicated control systems.

How Do They Work?
No matter how big or small the capsule filling machine is, the system of operation is basically the same. You only need to separate the body of the capsule from its cap. Then you need to fix the other half of the capsules to the base of the filling machine and the caps to the cover of the capsule filler. Then pour the amount of supplements into the base. You can then press the button or whatever control is provided in the machine. It will cause the machine to cover the capsules with its caps. Almost all capsule filling machines stores all the capsules in their cover after they are filled. So, you need to remove them or you can depress the cover to eject the capsules from their seats.

With big capsule fillers, the filling and capping of the capsules are done automatically. These big machines are equipped with all the controls, analog or digital which can regulate the capsule contents down to 1 milligram. The process for commercial operation usually follows this pattern:

• Loading of the capsules
• Separation of the capsules
• Disposal of rejected capsules
• Filling of substances (powdered, gelatin, liquid, etc.)
• Locking of capsules
• Disposal of rejected capsules

Capacities Of Capsule Fillers
Pharmaceutical capsule fillers have the capacity to fill from 2,000 to 10,000 capsules per hour. Depending on the size of the machine, one single operation can fill from 50 to 200 capsules. Most of these machines are operated by leveling the base trays containing the body of the capsules equally with the filling tray. Then the contents are poured into the capsules and spread out to fill them all evenly. These fillers are equipped with precision weighing systems to regulate the capsule contents within an accuracy of 1 milligram. On the other hand, if you’re a small health food business owner, it would interest you to know that you can fill 50 capsules using a small capsule filler.


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