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Use Capsule Machines To Make Your Own Supplements

There are more people today who are health conscious compared to many years ago. The ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs and anti-biotics in preventing sicknesses and enhancing health has led many people to turn to alternative medicine. This situation resulted in the discovery and development of different kinds of herbs and organic substances which can be used for improving one’s health condition. Today, this situation has progressed to the extent that people are now customizing their own health supplements with the help of empty capsules as well as capsule machines.

Dietary and health supplements are getting more expensive, especially those that are organically grown. This is just the natural consequence of the robust growth of the alternative and natural health business for the last ten years. More and more people are getting aware of their health choices and their ability to control their health conditions. With the popularity of health supplements, their prices have also increased. Now, people are getting more discriminate in the type of supplements they need to take. One way of getting more affordable natural supplements is by making them yourself. Thankfully, many companies are now selling empty capsules and capsule machines to give people more leverage on the quality and price of the supplements they need.

capsule machinesWhat Are Capsule Machines And How Do They Work?
Capsule machines are basically equipments used in stuffing substances and nutrients inside empty capsules. There are generally two types of these machines – the personal and the professional types. The personal types are used for small scale production such as for personal or family use. The professional types are for big commercial productions such as big pharmaceutical productions or health store operations.

The basic configuration of these filling machines are the same, whether they are for small-scale or for big, commercial operations. There is one central tray where all the empty capsules are held during the filling stage. Once all the capsules on the tray are filled, there is a device that holds the capsule caps and orients them to cover the filled capsules. The capsules are then sealed to protect the substances inside.

There are different types of capsule machines. The more expensive ones have devices which can orient the capsules and fill them right side up. Other capsule fillers have contraptions that allow the filling of different sizes of capsules at the same time. The main difference between a personal and a professional capsule machine is the amount of capsules they can fill at any one time. Some professional machines have digital controls or scales that can regulate the filling accuracy to about one milligram.  

What Size of Capsule Machine Will I Need?
There are different sizes of capsule machines, owing to the different size of capsules. The smallest capsule size is size 1, then size 0, followed by 00, and lastly size 000. Size 000 is the hardest to find because they are the largest and are only used for special situations. As the size grow larger, the capsule becomes harder to swallow. For the individual consumer, the best size of capsule machine is the one that can produce the 0 and 00 sizes. This is adequate since you are only producing the supplements that you and your family needs. These filling machines are very simple to operate. It is said that if you can operate a bread toaster, you can certainly use a capsule machine. The designs of these machines are really quite simple that’s why they are easy to operate.

Advantages of Capsule Machines
There are many advantages of making your own supplements. Here are some of them.

• Capsules machines are very useful if you need a specific blend of dietary supplements to improve your health. Most vitamin supplements available in stores have fixed blends of substances which you have no way of controlling. Using capsule machines will enable you to put the right nutrients in the amounts that you specifically need.
• The prices of natural and organically grown dietary supplements are quite expensive. You can create your own blend of organic supplements at a fraction of the cost. Simple capsule machines are only about $25 and empty capsules can be bought at $15 per one thousand pieces. In a short time, you will be able to recover this low cost and you’ll be healthier at the same time.
• By making your own supplements using empty capsules and capsule machines, you are sure that the supplements you are taking are fresh, genuine and exactly what you need. On the other hand, with commercially available supplements you are really not sure if what’s stated on the bottle is true or not.


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